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Agfa Optima-II 400, not hypered

Three scans of the same M8 negative on Optima 400-2 film, using different settings of the Polaroid SprintScan 35Plus scanner. These scans look much worse than they need to, so don't take them as a true measure of the film's capability. The fourth image (bottom right) shows what can be accomplished with a little cleaning up.

This one was with "color negative" setting, brightness 0, no processing


"Color negative" setting,  brightness setting 50, no processing


"Royal Gold" setting, brightness 50,  no


"Royal Gold" setting, brightness 50, 

adjusted in Photoshop. Click image for a high resolution section of the image.

         Since there is no preset profile for Optima 400 in my version of the Polaroid software, I tried other films including "color negative" and "Kodak Royal Gold 200." See this link  (or click on the image) for a high resolution image of the center of the  adjusted image.

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