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East  Africa

     My wife Alice and I planned a  photo safari to Kenya and Tanzania for March 2001. Unfortunately, I got sick just before leaving the US, but Alice continued and came back with wonderful pictures. They were all taken with a Nikon N70 camera, Nikkor 35-135 mm zoom lens, and Kodak Supra 400 film. Here are a few of them. Click on the title or thumbnail for the full-size page.

     The tour included visits to the Amboseli and Maasai Mara areas in Kenya, and the Serengeti and Ngorongoro areas in Tanzania. A brief description of the Serengeti ecosystem is here.

cape-buffalo.3-7.800px.jpg (88807 bytes) cape-buffalo.8-34.800px.jpg (84888 bytes) flamingos.7-21.900px.jpg (65630 bytes)
Cape buffalo Cape buffalo Flamingos
lions-kopje-closeup.800px.jpg (69430 bytes) lion-on-mound.10-5.800px.jpg (675834 bytes) lion-tree.3-10.800px.jpg (105148 bytes) kilimanjaro.7-23.800px.jpg (32460 bytes)
Lions Lion Lion in a tree Mt Kilimanjaro
cheetah-in-grass.10-15.800px.jpg (108384 bytes) cheetah-2.800px.jpg (92228 bytes) giraffe.1-29.550px.jpg (75218 bytes) giraffe.1-5.800px.jpg (95301 bytes)
Cheetah Cheetahs Giraffe Giraffe
elephants.6-22.800px.jpg (57070 bytes) elephants-birds.6-19.750px.jpg (72780 bytes) elephant-young.6-15.800px.jpg (75926 bytes) hippo-in-field.5-24.800px.jpg (69345 bytes)
Elephants Elephants Elephant-junior grade Hippo
zebras.2-32.800px.jpg (83161 bytes) zebras.3-18.800px.jpg (74086 bytes) wildebeest.3-30.750px.jpg (65224 bytes) herd.4-2.850px.jpg (77311 bytes)
Zebras Zebras and impala Wildebeest Wildebeest herd (+ zebras)
warthog.9-31.800px.jpg (81359 bytes) hyrax.3-18.750px.jpg (68529 bytes) impala-harem.800px.jpg (99600 bytes) topi.8-16.900px.jpg (55882 bytes)
Warthog Hyrax Impala Topi

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