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Alaska Katmai  National  Park


    Alaska is known to its indigenous peoples as "the great land" and on our first visit there the reason for this description immediately became obvious. In addition to its huge size on maps, the fact that travel to many places can only be accomplished by plane, and usually a float plane at that, brings home the point that most of this State consists of space the way Nature originally planned it.

    Katmai National Park is the second largest national park in Alaska (about 4600 square miles vs Denali's 6000 square miles). The center of activity for most visitors is Brooks Camp, situated on Naknek Lake at the outflow of the Brooks River into that lake. You fly into Brooks Camp by float plane, landing on Naknek Lake in the middle of one of the largest concentrations of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the world. The park is located at the base of the arc-shaped Alaskan Peninsula that ends with the Aleutian Islands. A detailed map of the park is available at:  http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/national_parks/katmai_map.jpg  A sequence of images showing how we got there and what we saw as we arrived is at the Travel & Accommodations page.

    Alaska is currently the target of a major campaign by the Bush Administration and industry to open huge areas of pristine wilderness to oil and other industrial exploitation. Please visit http://www.alaskawild.org/

and http://www.npca.org/wild_alaska/parks_of_alaska/crown_jewels/default.asp for suggestions on how to help protect this wonderful place. 

    I brought home about one thousand images from our 5 day trip. (See the Equipment & Techniques page for some details.) Click on any thumbnail or title to see full size images. 

Milkshake+cubs.on-spit.small.0972.jpg (87926 bytes) standing-cub.small.1071.jpg (141546 bytes) bear-fishing-at-falls.film0062-28a.jpg (115954 bytes) bear-with-salmon.film0062-1a.jpg (94962 bytes) blondie-water.0068-24a.jpg (197967 bytes)
Bear with cubs Standing Cub Bear fishing at falls Bear with salmon snack "Blondie"
bear+gulls.film0061-6.jpg (73670 bytes) bear-in-AM-light-marsh.film0009-36a.jpg (83150 bytes) salmon.film0069-15a.jpg (72690 bytes) brooksfalls.film0064-15.jpg (76938 bytes) salmon-jumping-falls.crop.1152.jpg (144829 bytes)
Bear with gulls Bear in morning light Salmon in the river Brooks Falls Salmon jumping the falls
sandhill.small.0911.jpg (38180 bytes) grouse.small.1270.jpg (110408 bytes) mergansers.web2.1022.jpg (142071 bytes) eagle+wholetree.film0057-32a.jpg (104753 bytes) eagle-in-fir.film0007-32a.jpg (72094 bytes)
Sandhill Cranes Spruce Grouse Merganser Ducks Eagle in Tree Eagle in Fir Tree
Magiek+eagle.film0007-21a.jpg (61373 bytes) eagle-flight-profile.web.1333.jpg (122164 bytes) gulls-wheeling.1354.jpg (117129 bytes) river+woods.1318.jpg (114388 bytes) dwarf-dogwood.film0064-5.jpg (119022 bytes)
Mountain + Eagle Eagle in flight Gulls over the lake Brooks River and  Mountain Dwarf Dogwood
Mountain-sun-clouds.film0070-23.jpg (89441 bytes) MtMageik-tele.film0057-19a.jpg (67995 bytes) M-shake+cubs-on-shore.web.1307.jpg (116082 bytes) how-to-catch-3.1168.jpg (163027 bytes) how-to-catch-3.1168.jpg (163027 bytes)
Mountain, sun. clouds Mount Mageik Bear and her cubs on shore How to catch a fish How to - Animation
white.flowers.1197.jpg (156357 bytes) ermine.web.1008.jpg (73888 bytes) gull-on-rock.1145.jpg (114814 bytes)    
Flowers Ermine Gull on a rock    

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