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Balloon Festival,

Sonoma County, June 2008


    On June 28, 2008, Alice and I visited the Balloon Festival in Windsor, Sonoma County, California. This is an early morning affair, with the inflation of the three Dawn Patrol balloons scheduled to begin at 4 AM and lift-off (if it occurs) at 5:50. It turned out to be a foggy morning with poor visibility, so there was no lift-off, However, the inflation of the balloons and the colors achieved by increasing the propane flames of the hot air heaters, made it an interesting and colorful photo-op.

Several images, please scroll down.

Starting the filling process with cool air blown in with fans.

Burner ignited, starting to lift up.

Above, the second balloon in the lineup, looking up into the interior.

Above and below, all three Dawn Patrol balloons fully inflated and illuminated by their burners.

Because of the foggy weather the FAA did not allow free flights this morning. These balloons were deflated and their places taken by a variety of other balloons, some of which took passengers up for tethered flights (just up and down again, restrained by cables to the ground).