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            This thumbnail page cross-indexes images of birds from the other galleries on this site. Click on the image or on its title to go to the full-size image. There is a separate index of birds in flight.

Birds by full common name:

avocet.2394.jpg (131426 bytes) americanbittern.crop.KI8Q1447.jpg (72296 bytes) coot.08jan04.2005.jpg (106575 bytes)
American Avocet American Bittern American Coot
crow.3958.jpg (126417 bytes) 80173.sld36.robin800px.jpg (110229 bytes) widgeon.2558.jpg (138181 bytes)
American Crow American Robins (several) American Widgeon
eagle-bald.snowing.KI8Q1900.jpg (63741 bytes) barnswallows-2.560mm.400mmP.KGEM.KI8Q3007.jpg (140332 bytes) black-necked-stilt.jpg (113741 bytes)
Bald Eagles - Yellowstone Bald Eagle at Katmai Barn Swallows Black-necked Stilt
geese-brant.3064.jpg (130195 bytes) pelicans-flying.72.jpg (76249 bytes) pelican-brn-flight.KI8Q7552.jpg (160149 bytes) pelican-on-post.opt.CRW_1642.jpg (106525 bytes)
Brant Geese Brown Pelicans More Brown Pelicans Pelicans at Elkhorn Slough
1700.grumpy-cactuswren.jpg (106696 bytes) owl.young.crop.good.KI8Q6017.jpg (174333 bytes) towhee.3218.jpg (85864 bytes) canadagoose.2602.jpg (119989 bytes)
Cactus Wren Burrowing Owl California Towhee Canada Goose
canvasback.2399.jpg (135156 bytes) 80173.sld21.waxwing-crop.800px.jpg (104585 bytes) cinnamonteal.KI8Q3736.jpg (109411 bytes)
Canvasback Cedar Waxwings (several) Cinnamon Teal Duck Common Merganser
cormorants-on-jetty.opt.KI8Q9212.jpg (152993 bytes) goose with tears.4746.jpg (156604 bytes) dowitchers-flight.KI8Q8771.jpg (141080 bytes) goldeneye.08jan04.2010.jpg (127493 bytes)
Cormorants at Elkhorn Domestic Swan Goose Dowitchers Goldeneye Duck
flamingos.7-21.900px.jpg (65630 bytes) greatblue.pair-on-nest.3173.jpg (195101 bytes) egret.750px.jpg (36385 bytes)
Flamingos Great Blue Herons, nesting Great Egret
egrets-2-flying.jpg (126350 bytes) GreatEgret-flying-banking.0082.jpg (152991 bytes) flying-egret-evening.jpg (112067 bytes) greateryellowleg.2042.jpg (135937 bytes)
Great Egrets in Flight Great White Egret -Flying & Nesting Great egret in evening light Greater Yellowlegs
Clarksgrebe.CMCreek.KI8Q6384.jpg (168427 bytes) merganserM.2552.jpg (134068 bytes) hummer-2.1flying-1feeding.good.crop.KI8Q1937.jpg (101942 bytes) hummer.700px.jpg (60136 bytes)
Grebes Hooded Merganser Hummingbirds-Arizona Humming Birds (several)
plovers.foraging.9018.jpg (111514 bytes) mallard+kids.inwater.crop.KI8Q3671.jpg (96828 bytes) mallard-side.08jan04.2013.jpg (145241 bytes)
Least Sandpipers Mallard with Ducklings Mallard Duck family Mallard - male
marbled.godwit.2479.jpg (128949 bytes) marbledgodwit.050825.KI8Q6387.jpg (132235 bytes) 1551.mockingb-on-pyrocanthus.jpg (108523 bytes)
Marbled Godwit Marbled Godwit, 2005-08-25 Mockingbird
1624.cardinal-on-ground.jpg (114572 bytes) flicker.left.041012.8804.jpg (161109 bytes) northernharrier.lasgallinas.KI8Q7814.jpg (147110 bytes) Northern Harrier male
Northern Cardinal Northern Flicker Northern Harrier, female Northern Harrier, male
northernpintail.lasgallinas.KI8Q7634.jpg (147338 bytes) shoveler.2497.jpg (120743 bytes) pyrrhuloxia.intree.b+byard.crop.KI8Q1754.jpg (209171 bytes) ptarmigan.150.jpg (114930 bytes)
Northern Pintail Northern Shoveler Pyrrhuloxia Ptarmigan
red-winged blackbird.4729.jpg (126000 bytes) hawk.750px.jpg (49302 bytes) redtail.youngonbranch.KI8Q0677.jpg (152107 bytes) roadrunner-withlizard.side.vgood.crop.KI8Q2733.jpg (227782 bytes)
Red-winged Blackbird Red-shouldered Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Greater Roadrunner
Dec03.0013.housefinch.inToyon.jpg (111350 bytes) 1631.quail3.jpg (145353 bytes) quail-ongrass.b+byard.crop.KI8Q1742.jpg (270667 bytes) 1624.cardinal-on-ground.jpg (114572 bytes)
House Finch California Quail (adults and chicks) Gambel's Quail (adult male) Northern Cardinal
chestnut-backed.chickadee.2071.jpg (142241 bytes) ETXtelephoto0060.egrethead.jpg (170714 bytes) snowy-egret.footraised.08jan04.2039.jpg (141677 bytes) snowy-egret.flying.7547.jpg (100631 bytes)
Seed-eaters Snowy Egret - close-up Snowy Egret Snowy Egret in flight
sparrow-juvenile.KI8Q6409.jpg (136668 bytes) surfscoters.male.good.opt-crop.KI8Q0009.jpg (126843 bytes)
Sparrow - Juvenile 2005-08-25 Spruce Grouse Surf Scoter & Other Birds
Western.Bluebird.0007.jpg (60211 bytes) west-gull.adult+immature.2498.jpg (121932 bytes) scrubjay.3216.jpg (96179 bytes) ETXtelephoto0017pelican-wing-feet.jpg (203310 bytes)
Western Bluebird Western Gull Western Scrub Jay White Pelican
pelicans2-crop.050825.KI8Q6432.jpg (156046 bytes) pelican-1.flying.7664_small.jpg (17461 bytes) Moonrise+Pelicans.800px.jpg (106725 bytes) pelicans-fishing.duplex.jpg (156119 bytes)
White Pelicans, 2005-08-25 White Pelican Animation Moonrise & Pelicans Pelicans Fishing
treeswallow.400mm.tightcrop.nice.KI8Q3378.jpg (145349 bytes) vulture.750px.jpg (98241 bytes) wild turkey.4738.jpg (128422 bytes) dove-takingoff-from-centuryplant.hardcrop.KI8Q2621.jpg (93527 bytes)
Tree Swallow Turkey Vulture Wild Turkey Turkey, white-winged dove, acorn woodpecker, painted whitestart

Birds by area:

cranes.ingrass-marsh.sunny.9510.jpg (140164 bytes) egret.snowy.badhairday.better.KI8Q4240.jpg (131622 bytes) pyrrhuloxia.intree.b+byard.crop.KI8Q1754.jpg (209171 bytes)

Sandhill Cranes and other birds of the San Joaquin Valley

Palo Alto Baylands birds

Southeastern Arizona


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