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Flight Of Birds

    The flight of birds has been the object of man's study since prehistoric times, and the subject of emulation, admiration, and envy. Here I present some images of the flight of some of the birds in my neighborhood in Northern California and a few elsewhere.

The Sandpiper Series    Click on thumbnail number 1 below. To best appreciate the entire series, click the "next" button at the bottom of each image; this will advance the images in a slide show sequence and you won't have to return to this page each time. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the "Back to flight home page" label. The panoramic images are wider than most screens; you will need to scroll to the right to see the entire image.  Click this link to see some sandpipers on the shore.

flight.plovers.crop.8919.jpg (128019 bytes)     flight.plovers.againstshoreline.panoramcrop.8929.jpg (132593 bytes)

  1                                               2

flight.plovers.rippledreflections.8925.jpg (131755 bytes)    flight.plovers.panoram.9005.jpg (145143 bytes)    flight.plovers.crop.9009.jpg (146324 bytes)    

  3                                                 4                                                           5

flight.12x8crop.GEM.8910.jpg (135079 bytes)    flight.plovers.panoramacrop.9010.jpg (142130 bytes)

   6                                                7



Other Birds In Flight (click on thumbnail image, not title)

flight.avocet-1.crop.9035.jpg (111809 bytes) flight.avocets-2.crop.8934.jpg (137827 bytes) flight.avocets.9023.jpg (129928 bytes)
Avocet Avocets Avocets
flight.gull.8981.jpg (128661 bytes) flight.gull.crop.8982.jpg (140061 bytes) gulls-wheeling.1354.jpg (117129 bytes)
Gull Gull Gulls (Alaska)
flight.curlew-1.crop.8938.jpg (74199 bytes) pelicanflight.LasGallinas.KI8Q6557.jpg (86995 bytes) white-pelicans.flying.7594.jpg (146353 bytes)
Long-billed Curlew:  White pelican White pelicans
canadageeseflight.LasGallinas.KI8Q6554.jpg (114310 bytes) GreatEgret-flying-banking.0082.jpg (152991 bytes)
Canada geese Snow geese Great egret
snowy-egret.flying.7547.jpg (100631 bytes) americanbittern.crop.KI8Q1447.jpg (72296 bytes) cranes.4.flying.bestdaylight.crop.9475.jpg (103224 bytes)
Snowy egret American bittern Sandhill cranes
vulture.2763.jpg (152844 bytes) hummer.700px.jpg (60136 bytes) owl.1flying.tightcrop.KI8Q6207.jpg (86366 bytes)
Turkey vulture Hummingbird Burrowing owl
northernharrier.crop.KI8Q8884.jpg (146334 bytes)
Northern Harrier, Dowitchers





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