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More Las Gallinas Birds

    On my return to the Las Gallinas Sanitary Ponds on 25 August 2005, I found a bunch of white pelicans had taken up residence and were willing to swim quite close to shore where I could capture images with the Canon 100-400 mm L IS lens. In addition, I saw a fine marbled godwit and what I believe to be a juvenile sparrow of some species. Several images, please scroll down.

Above, a single pelican, possibly an immature, quite close up. Below, two of the same.

Above, a marbled godwit foraging in the shallow water. Below, a sparrow --- probably an immature --- in the bush.

All images on this page captured on 25 August 2005, with a Canon 1D mark II camera and Canon 100-400 mm L IS zoom lens; ISO 400.

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