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58D.YosemVlly-VistaPt.neg36-37.BW.jpg (264314 bytes) 502A.GGBridge from headlands.neg17.BW.PSadj.jpg (221439 bytes) 63C.CalifValleyFarm.neg10.BW.jpg (143129 bytes) 66B.Waves+rocks.neg10.BW.landscape.jpg (227790 bytes)
Yosemite San Francisco California Seascapes

   The above black & white images were all taken in the early 1960s and some of the scenes shown no longer exist. They were made with a Canon rangefinder camera and Canon lenses. Kodak Panatomic X film was used exclusively for its fine grain, and development was usually in a fine-grain developer, which probably reduced sharpness to some extent. The negatives were stored in glassine envelopes in a closet in our home with no attempt to maintain constant temperature or humidity other than ordinary comfort levels. Although the negatives are all approximately 40 years old, they scanned without difficulty and with only minor Photoshop treatment, the image files can be enlarged to 16 x 20 inches or more in most cases.

    The following images are conversions from 2005 digital color images to black and white. All four images can be seen full size here.  (Scroll down to see all.)

arch+juniper.35mm.devilsgarden.BWchmxr.KI8Q7162.jpg (195256 bytes) longvalley.walltexture+junipers+snag.BWchmxr.KI8Q7551.jpg (176615 bytes) castle+snag-right.bigbonebench.BWchmxr.KI8Q6815.jpg (157827 bytes)
Arch, Devil's Garden Lower Falls, Calf Creek Long Valley Textures Big Bone Bench

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