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Most of these images were taken on Panatomic X film in the 1960's. Fortunately, the negatives survived and were scanned after I began construction of this website.

    Yosemite Valley from Vista Point is one of the most famous scenes of the West. El Capitan is the cliff on the left and Bridal Veil Falls is the light streak in the dark area on the right. Half Dome is seen in the distance just left of center.

    Yosemite Valley seen across the Merced River.

     The upper end of Yosemite Valley with Mirror Lake n the foreground.

     Half Dome with the Merced River and a stag in the foreground.

     A famous tree, now gone, that grew on the top of one of the granite domes around the valley. Imaged from south side.

   The same tree, imaged from the north side. Because the prevailing wind is from the west, wind-blown trees grow toward the east. Red filter to bring out the clouds.


Another tree, not so wind-blown as the one at the top of the dome.

Some of these trees have been dated to 1000 years or more old.

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