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Bolinas Lagoon, August 2007

     Bolinas Lagoon is a large tract of brackish tidal water just north of Bolinas Bay and south of Point Reyes. It is directly adjacent to Highway 1 and a number of large and small turn-off parking areas are available as you proceed south on Highway 1. When I visited on 28 August 2007, the lagoon was populated with hundreds of brown pelicans and terns, many ducks (mostly mallards), dozens of egrets, numerous smaller shore birds, and dozens of harbor seals. Because of the size of the lagoon, most of the pelicans and terns were out of camera range, even with the 500 mm f/4 telephoto. Therefore, I took all but one of the images in this gallery with the 500 mm prime extended with the Canon 2x extender, to a total of 1000 mm focal length.


pelican-brn-2.flight.KI8Q7316.jpg (149848 bytes) seal+gull.KI8Q7735.jpg (123191 bytes) terns-massflight+pelican.KI8Q7801.jpg (121798 bytes)
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