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The Golden Gate Bridge

December, 2006

    Having some time in early December, I made the short trip to The Presidio of San Francisco to take some new images of the Bridge. All taken with the Canon 1D mark 2 and the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 lens. Several images, please scroll down.

I started my day early in the morning. Above, the bridge in dawn light from the Fort Point parking area. The Fort is the red brick structure under the end of the bridge at far left. It was cold!

Above, the setting moon dropping down through the cables of the Bridge. Fort Point at the far left.

One more image in predawn light from the Fort Point parking area.

I made a second trip to the Bridge later that afternoon. Above, the Bridge from Lincoln Drive just west of the San Francisco end of the bridge.

The Bridge at low tide from Baker Beach, west of the bridge. The afternoon cloudless sky is rather boring. To make it more interesting, I did the following...

The same day, a bit farther west on Baker Beach. An image of clouds from a different day has been superimposed and the whole image then converted to black and white in Photoshop.

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