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Golden Gate Bridge

Living about 30 minutes drive from the Golden Gate, I've been able to image it under a number of different conditions and from various angles. The following table provides the links to pages that contain bridge images. Click on any thumbnail or label to go to the appropriate page.

ggb-entire+city+clouds.24mm.opt.KI8Q0381.jpg (131211 bytes)
Bridge, December 2007
GGBridge.BakerBeachSF.jpg (52505 bytes)
The Bridge, Baker Beach Bridge at Night The Bridge, 2006
tallship3.150.jpg (58327 bytes) 502A.GGBridge from headlands.neg17.BW.PSadj.jpg (221439 bytes) ggbridge.fromheadlands+trees.jpg (189562 bytes)
Tall Ship Under the Bridge The Bridge in Black & White-1962 Bridge From Marin Headlands


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