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A Walk In The Neighborhood

January 3, 2010, was the first sunny day of the new year, so I took my camera out for a walk in the Gerstle Park (San Rafael, CA) neighborhood. I met a number of dogs (with their walkers), a few cats, and our resident wild turkey, who seems to have forgotten his wild ways in favor of finding stuff to eat on the streets (and, we suspect, insects on car bumpers and grills). He likes to spend a lot of time admiring (or possibly, threatening) his reflection in the cars.

The wild turkey of Gerstle Park

There were also a few colorful leaves still around on the liquid ambar trees:

Liquid Ambar leaves

And in the park proper, a smoke bush that was in spectacular bloom (if that's what the smoke is):

Smoke bush in Gerstle Park

All images captured with a Canon 7D camera and Canon lenses. Raw captures converted to TIF with Canon's proprietary DPP program, then processed in Photoshop.


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