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Photographs  of  California  and  the  West - I


snowgeese.flying.hills.KI8Q1418.jpg (122092 bytes) cascadefalls.Fairfax.1-10sec.KI8Q1609.jpg (123550 bytes)
Butte County in Winter Waterfall, Marin
foxsquirel.sittingup.9165.jpg (146405 bytes) cranes.ingrass-marsh.sunny.9510.jpg (140164 bytes) scanner.two-leaves-3+paintbcktbkgrnd.800dpi.jpg (138294 bytes)

            Fox Squirrel

Sandhill Cranes and other birds of the San Joaquin Valley Bristlecone Pine Fallen Leaves
tallship3.150.jpg (196289 bytes)

cove with sea lions and headlands.4890.jpg (151683 bytes)

yosemite.alpenglow.jpg (102894 bytes)

aspen-shed.150.jpg (245581 bytes)

Tall ship under


Scenes from Point Reyes

Yosemite Valley

Fall color in the Sierra

chinacamp.pier.3425.jpg (117981 bytes)

GGBridge.BakerBeachSF.jpg (148022 bytes)

SF-GG.nite.150.jpg (68811 bytes)

hummer.700px.jpg (60136 bytes)

Scenes from China Camp

Bridge from 

Baker Beach

Bridge at night

 with SF 

Hummingbird (several)

yosem.chapel.150.jpg (148145 bytes)

moonrise.twinpeaks.981005.jpg (1342455 bytes)

poppies.150.jpg (133375 bytes) morning-glories.red+blue.crop.8311.jpg (146080 bytes)

Chapel at 


Moonrise Poppies Morning Glories
1551.mockingb-on-pyrocanthus.jpg (108523 bytes) hawk.750px.jpg (49302 bytes) flicker.left.041012.8804.jpg (161109 bytes) fox.750px.jpg (42915 bytes)
Mockingbird Hawk Northern Flicker Grey Fox
80173.sld21.waxwing-crop.800px.jpg (103828 bytes) Dec03.0013.housefinch.inToyon.jpg (111350 bytes) vulture.750px.jpg (98241 bytes) 80173.sld36.robin800px.jpg (109654 bytes)
Cedar waxwing House Finch Turkey Vulture American Robin
jackrabbit.200307.jpg (128490 bytes) jumpinjackrabbit.150.jpg (216658 bytes) 1613.rabbit-face-on.jpg (150543 bytes) black-necked-stilt.jpg (113741 bytes)
Jack Rabbit Jack  Rabbit Desert Cottontail Black-necked Stilt
mallard+ducklings-outing.jpg (137486 bytes) mallard-side.08jan04.2013.jpg (145241 bytes) goldeneye.08jan04.2010.jpg (127493 bytes) coot.08jan04.2005.jpg (106575 bytes)
Mallard Ducks Male Mallard Goldeneye Duck American Coot
egrets-2-flying.jpg (126350 bytes) GreatEgret-flying-banking.0082.jpg (152991 bytes) flying-egret-evening.jpg (112067 bytes) egret.750px.jpg (36385 bytes)
Two Egrets in Flight Great White Egret - Flying & Nesting Great Egret - in flight Great Egret
ETXtelephoto0060.egrethead.jpg (170714 bytes) snowy egret.08jan04.2034.jpg (159052 bytes) Moonrise+Pelicans.800px.jpg (106725 bytes) ETXtelephoto0017pelican-wing-feet.jpg (203310 bytes)
Snowy Egret Snowy Egrets Moonrise & Pelicans White Pelicans
greatblue.pair-on-nest.3173.jpg (195101 bytes) canadagoose.2602.jpg (119989 bytes) geese-brant.3064.jpg (130195 bytes) greateryellowleg.2042.jpg (135937 bytes)
Nesting Great Blue Herons Canada Goose Brant Geese Greater Yellowlegs
chestnut-backed.chickadee.2071.jpg (142241 bytes) Western.Bluebird.0007.jpg (60211 bytes) osprey.2732.jpg (136010 bytes) tuleelk.bull.modcrop.2725.jpg (130529 bytes)
Seed-eaters Western Bluebird Osprey Tule Elk
HarrisAntelopeGroundSquirrel.0018.jpg (181364 bytes) 1624.cardinal-on-ground.jpg (114572 bytes) 1631.quail3.jpg (145353 bytes) 1700.grumpy-cactuswren.jpg (106696 bytes)
Squirrels Northern Cardinal California Quail Cactus Wren
goose with tears.4746.jpg (156604 bytes) scrubjay.3216.jpg (96179 bytes) towhee.3218.jpg (85864 bytes) wild turkey.4738.jpg (128422 bytes)
Domestic Swan Goose Western Scrub Jay California Towhee Wild Turkey
snowy-egret.flying.7547.jpg (100631 bytes) crow.3958.jpg (126417 bytes) red-winged blackbird.4729.jpg (126000 bytes) pelicans-fishing.duplex.jpg (156119 bytes)
Snowy Egret in Flight American Crow Red-winged Blackbird Pelicans fishing


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