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Cataract Falls, Marin County

   For its water supply, Marin County, California, depends almost entirely on rainfall collected during the winter months in a group of lakes created by small dams high on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais and surrounding hills. Alpine Lake is one of the reservoir lakes and is filled by numerous streams running down from still higher slopes. Cataract Creek is one of these streams and provides a nice series of falls as it makes its way through boulders and fallen trees down to the lake. Click on any of the thumbnails or titles for larger images.

alpinelake-early.KI8Q8898.jpg (123587 bytes) midfalls.psadj.KI8Q8930.jpg (188332 bytes) sidefall-rootball.psadj.KI8Q8929.jpg (166876 bytes)
Alpine Lake, west end Middle, Cataract Falls Side Stream, Fallen Tree
talltrees+creek-24mm.psadj.KI8Q8995.jpg (165178 bytes) upperfalls+bitofsun-64mm.KI8Q8952.jpg (154356 bytes) upperfalls-24mm.psadj.KI8Q8945.jpg (190393 bytes)
Tall Trees, Cataract Creek Upper Cataract Falls Upper Falls, Wide View


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