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Las Gallinas With The Canon 7D


The new Canon 7D  DSLR  has created a lot of interest and since I was in the market for a replacement for my old Canon 10D, I decided to order a 7D. It arrived on 21 December, so after spending half the night reading the manual, I got myself out to the Las Gallinas Sanitary Ponds the next morning for some real-life testing. Please scroll down.

Black-crowned night heron

This black-crowned night heron was really far away, but the high pixel count of the 7D (17MP) allowed for a 100% crop with excellent retention of detail. A recent posting on the Fred Miranda web site inspired me to try a new Photoshop technique for a woodcut effect, next.

Black-crowned night heron, woodcut effect.

As usual, there were plenty of Canada geese around, swimming, flying, and grazing in the nearby pasture. All of these images were taken with the 500mm f/4, or 100-400mm telephotos, and all are severe crops because the birds were so far away (50-100 yards).

Canada geese, flying in formation

Canada goose, grazing

And there were quite a few ducks flying...

Flight of ducks

And an American Widgeon taking it easy:

American Widgeon


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