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China Camp State Park, April 2010

Turtle Back Hill is a small rise sandwiched between two large salt marshes at the western edge of San Francisco Bay. Access to the trail that runs along the edge of the hill is directly off North San Pedro Road, between San Rafael and Terra Linda. The trail provides nice views of the Bay and the marshes and in April showed off a remarkable variety of flowers. I visited on April 13, 2010 with my Canon 7D camera and 24-70 mm lens. For close ups, I used a 500D close up adapter on the lens. To reduce the page loading time, the images are broken up into several groups as indicated in the thumbnails below. Click on the thumbnails and scroll down to see all the images. Sign at the Turtle Back Hill Trail



Poppy close up Bird vetch Miners Lettuce Deer on the slope
Poppies and other yellow or orange flowers Bird vetch and other blue or purple flowers Miner's lettuce and other green or white flowers Deer


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