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Grand Staircase - Escalante

National Monument, Utah

   In October 2005 I attended a Photo Safari trip in Boulder, UT ( http://www.photosafaris.com/ ). We stayed at the Boulder Mountain Lodge and made trips to a variety of photogenic spots nearby, leaving before dawn and returning each evening to the lodge. Please scroll down.

The following thumbnails lead to pages featuring each of the major spots. Click on the image or the title to go to the page with relevant images.

castle+snag.bigbonebench.34mm.KI8Q6815.jpg (204365 bytes) longvalley.walltexture+junipers+snag.KI8Q7551.jpg (131264 bytes) aspens-yellow.roadcurve.bouldermt.KI8Q7003.jpg (188627 bytes) falls-full.KI8Q7246.jpg (128990 bytes)
Big Bone Bench Long Valley Boulder Mountain Aspens Calf Creek Waterfall
reflectioncreek.s-curve+falls.KI8Q7477.jpg (143423 bytes) arch+juniper.devilsgarden.PSadj.KI8Q7162.jpg (191252 bytes) horse-buckskin.KI8Q7415.jpg (138237 bytes) capitalreef-castle+cottonwoods.KI8Q7601.jpg (173128 bytes)
Reflection Creek Devil's Garden Horses and Lake Capitol Reef


The general terrain:

 The image below shows the entrance and one of the buildings of the lodge complex.

    For a selection of black & white versions of these Grand Staircase images, click here  and scroll down.

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