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McNear's Brick Yard & Vaux's Swifts


 When the owners of the yard discovered that migrating birds had set up a temporary hotel here, they generously made arrangements for local birdwatchers to come in and observe them. This is apparently a temporary stop-over place (for the birds).

Birdwatchers in the brick yard in east San Rafael, looking east, on the evening of 24 September 2010. Two of the three chimneys (one round, closer, one octagonal, a little farther back) are shown on the right. The chimneys are not in use, so the migrating Vaux's swifts found the interiors accommodating. Scroll down.

Birdwatchers assembled

Below: The two octagonal chimneys on the east side of the yard. The swifts seemed to prefer the chimney on the left (north).

Part of the brick yard

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