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The Northern California Coast

    In November 2005, Alice and I toured a few spots along the northern California coast looking for sunsets on beaches and light houses. Along the way, we found a few birds and other interesting targets for imaging and include them here. Click on the thumbnails or titles below to go to the full-size images.

pigeonpt.sunset.32mm.PSadj.KI8Q8080.jpg (110750 bytes) santacruz.lighthouse.24mm.PSadj-crop-hue.KI8Q8171.jpg (166380 bytes) NavarroVinyard+roses.42mm.PSadj.KI8Q8174.jpg (215919 bytes)
Pigeon Point Light House Santa Cruz Light House Route 128 North
stacks+SURF+gorse.jughandle.70mm.KI8Q8208.jpg (181668 bytes) lighthouse.ptcabrillo.eveninglight.120degview.60mm.KI8Q8450.jpg (168974 bytes) surf-on-rocks.mackerricher.130mm.psadj.CRW_1208.jpg (181329 bytes)
Mendocino Headlands & Jughandle Beach Pt Cabrillo Light House & Surroundings Mackerricher Beach
lake-on-rte20.mediumexpcomp.38mm.PSadj.KI8Q8529.jpg (178388 bytes)
Routes 20 & 101


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