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Oregon in Spring

 Alice and I made a trip to Portland, Oregon in the last week of March and first few days of April, 2007. The main purpose was to raid the shelves at Powell's City Of Books bookstore. We succeeded in depleting our funds, but fell far short of making a dent in Powell's incredible collection of new and used books. While there we found the nearby Henry's Tavern an excellent place to eat.

   We made three photographic excursionsduring this trip: the first and third were stops on the way to and from Portland at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, just outside Woodburn, a small town right on the main north-south highway, I-5. We hit the farm at about the right time to catch a few Kodachrome-Velvia moments with the fields of tulips. Our second trip was to visit a few waterfalls up the Columbia River Gorge. I was not thinking properly on this trip and came back with only a few keepers. In fact only a few tulips and one waterfall shot were worth posting here. Back in California, we found the sides of the highway loaded with a bright red-purple shrub that we had not seen before and took a few shots of it. Reference to a plant book showed that this was the famous "red bud" that I had been hearing about incessantly on the FM-NorCal internet group.

   The tulip and waterfall shots are on separate pages (click on the thumbnail), the red bud shots and a snapshot of Mt Shasta are below, please scroll down.

yellow-red-tulips.inline.52mmclose.dubllayer.KI8Q4799.jpg (185575 bytes)
Tulip Farm Waterfalls


Red Bud

Above, an entire bush (about 8 feet high). Below, some branches.

Last, a snapshot of Mount Shasta from I-5.

This is from our return trip. On the trip north, we drove through several rainstorms, including one so violent that most cars pulled off the road. No scenery was visible and the road itself was hard to see.  On the return trip, the skies were clear and the haze moderate; I reduced the haze somewhat by blending a duplicate layer with the softlight blend mode. Imaged at 120 mm.

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