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Wildflowers, etc, Point Reyes, March 2010


On 23 March I drove out to the Chimney Rock area at Point Reyes and hiked the trail out to the point. The weather was bright and surprisingly warm, but quite windy. Because all the flowers were in constant motion, I left the tripod in the car and did all my shooting handheld. Most of the shots were taken with the Canon 7D and the 24-70 lens but a few were taken with the older Canon 1D mark 2 and the 100-400 lens.

The identifications of the flowers are very tentative; don't hesitate to email me (katzung1@comcast.net) if you find errors.


Hikers on Chimney Rock trail Old lifeboat station Photographer Elephant Seals
Blackberry flower Buttercups Checkerbloom Cow parsnip
Crown daisy Field chickweed Hayfield Tarweed Douglas Iris
Johnnytuck Pussyears Footsteps of Spring Wild cucumber



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