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Wildlife of Southeastern Arizona Sky Islands

The sky islands of southeastern Arizona are located in small mountain ranges near the Mexican and New Mexico borders. The altitude is from 4500 to 6500 feet and temperatures are much more moderate than at the lower elevations of Tucson and Phoenix. Snow is sometimes seen on the mountain tops in the winter and year-round streams have carved out canyons with small waterfalls. Sierra Vista is a moderate-sized town that is a popular jumping-off spot for trips into the Huachuca (wa-CHU-ca) Mountain canyons that harbor the greatest concentrations of hummingbirds. 

In this temperate climate, hummingbirds have found particularly favorable conditions for permanent residence or a stop on a migration path. Seventeen or more species have been documented here and feeding stations attract huge numbers of the birds. Other animals, especially butterflies, are also present in significant numbers.

There are numerous B&Bs in Sierra Vista and a few up in the canyons.  We stayed at Birders Vista B&B and were very comfortable. We got many of our butterfly and bird pictures in the B&B garden. Much credit goes to daughter Kathy for arranging the trip and son-in-law Carl Wright for taking many of the photographs.

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Sky Island Scenery