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Yellowstone National Park

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   In February 2005, Alice and I visited Yellowstone National Park as members of a TravelWild "Wolves in Winter" tour. We had a great time and brought back many images. The menu below collects them into general categories; each category has many entries and may be slow to download; please be patient. Click on any thumbnail image or title below to see the corresponding category.  All images were captured with Canon digital cameras: the primary camera was a 1D mark II and a 10D was the backup. Many thanks to our intrepid leaders, Peg Abbott and Ellie Van Os for their expertise and assistance, and to our fellow tour members. 

wolf.tan-gray.KI8Q2038.jpg (118193 bytes) coyote.morninglight-backlit.tightcrop.0762.jpg (140733 bytes) bison-1.sidelit.KI8Q2644.jpg (131605 bytes) elkherd.LamarValley.0660.jpg (72600 bytes)
Wolves    Coyotes  Bison  Elk
pronghorn.male.KI8Q1711.jpg (74833 bytes) bighornsheep.onhillside.KI8Q1825.jpg (150675 bytes) muledeer.male.KI8Q1690.jpg (71868 bytes) otter.looking-into-pond.tightcrop.KI8Q2384.jpg (71473 bytes)
  Pronghorn   Bighorn  Deer and a Moose  Otter 
eagle-bald.Gardiner.ysnp.KI8Q2720.jpg (113214 bytes) YellowstoneR.upstream.KI8Q2202.jpg (161004 bytes)
Birds   Landscapes