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Zion Canyon National Park

     Zion Canyon is the product of erosion by the Virgin River, a tributary of the Colorado River, over eons of time. The cliffs of the canyon vary in height, reaching several thousand feet in places. The width of the canyon also varies, from several miles down to only several tens of feet (the Narrows). We visited Zion Canyon in May 2004, after the main spring run-off had occurred but while the weather was still relatively cool, water was plentiful, and the wildflowers were at their peak. 

Geology: See this page for a brief description of this area of the country.

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mesa-layers.outsideZion.5567.jpg (129959 bytes) River+Trees+Cliffs.Parus.Zion.5803.jpg (129673 bytes) RiverOutOfTheNarrows.Zion.600px.5956.jpg (154555 bytes)
Geologic Layers Virgin River Valley River Exiting the Narrows
SpiresOfCamelot.evening.Zion.crop.750px.5959.jpg (139974 bytes) CanyonWalls.Zion.5701.jpg (131776 bytes) ZionMeadow+bluesky.Zion.750px.5821.jpg (126845 bytes)
Spires of Camelot Walls of Zion Canyon Zion Meadows
StoneJigsawPuzzle.Zion.750px.5878.jpg (182258 bytes) GoldenColumbine.Zion.600px.5719.jpg (157436 bytes) AbstractPalette.Zion.750px.5700.jpg (182049 bytes)
Stone Jigsaw Puzzle Golden Columbine Abstract Palette
RobbieMule.5632.jpg (136284 bytes) ZionShootingStar.closeup.5656.jpg (120141 bytes) RiverRunsThroughIt.Zion.5634.jpg (146875 bytes)
Robbie the mule Zion Shooting Star A River Runs Through It
Waterfall.EmeraldPool.Zion.5661.jpg (172534 bytes) PrincesPlume.Zion.5645.jpg (138178 bytes) CardinalMonkeyflowerMimulusCardinalis.Zion.5696.jpg (157688 bytes)
Waterfall at Emerald Pools Prince's Plume Cardinal Monkey Flower
Globemallow.Zion.5731.jpg (161650 bytes) TuftedEveningPrimrose.EastExit.Zion.6001.jpg (104497 bytes) YuccaCloseup.Zion.5725.jpg (109376 bytes)
Globemallow Eastern Exit Wildflowers Yucca Bloom
Swirls.EastExit.Zion.6020.jpg (122912 bytes) squirrel.closeup.zion.5874.jpg (94800 bytes)
Rock Formations, East Exit Ground Squirrel



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