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     I first got interested in photography while in high school when a fascination with science led to home experiments with a cheap microscope and an ancient SLR camera. Later I woke up to the artistic possibilities of photography and spent many hours and all of my discretionary income on better equipment and photo supplies. We were very fortunate to live in San Francisco at a time (the 1960s) when the city provided a superb darkroom facility for amateurs as part of their Parks & Recreation program. In this wonderful place I learned to make acceptable black & white16x20 prints from 35 mm negatives and mount them. A few of my first California and West Coast photos are on this website (see the Black & White Image Gallery above).

     Later I got too busy with career and family matters to maintain my photo interests except for tourist-type snapshots on trips. However, it turned out that my interest had only been asleep, because it reawakened one day when I looked out a back window and saw a gray fox on our deck. This called for updating my camera equipment and adding a reasonably long, fast, telephoto lens. This 80-200 f2.8 Nikkor zoom became my primary lens for photographing comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp when they appeared in 1997-98. With good equipment, photographing wildlife and landscapes became a major interest. The comet images I obtained also resulted in a major branching into astrophotography that has continued to the present. For now, you can check out color photos of bears and other animals of Churchill, Canada; the dolphins, whales, and other sights in Baja California; some great shots of African wildlife taken by my wife Alice; and a variety of shots around the US west coast, especially California, as well as a new gallery of New England fall color.

     In July 2003 I acquired my first digital camera, a Canon 10D. This 6.3 megapixel camera with interchangeable lenses is a pleasure to work with and many of the images taken with it are on this web site. The ability to enlarge digital images to 16x20 and beyond without a darkroom is very appealing to me---I like large prints! My main reason for the switch from Nikon to Canon was the fact that in 2002-3, Canon was leading Nikon in the development of high resolution digital cameras and image-stabilized lenses. In November 2004, I sold most of my Nikon equipment and increased my commitment to Canon hardware with a second digital camera body, the 1D Mark II. This is an 8.2 MP camera. Since switching to digital I have spent more time with black/white printing since the same original can be printed in color or in monochrome.