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   This page of thumbnails cross-indexes samples of pictures of animals other than birds from the Polar bear, California, and Baja California pages. For African animals go to the Africa page.

foxsquirel.sittingup.9165.jpg (146405 bytes) 1613.rabbit-face-on.jpg (150543 bytes)
Fox Squirrel Jack Rabbit Jack Rabbit Desert Cottontail
bear-snowcave.5x7x72.jpg (32205 bytes) prowl-on-ice.5x7x72.jpg (38334 bytes)
Bear from above Polar Close-up Bear & Snow Cave Prowl on the Ice
sparring.03.5x7x72.jpg (40570 bytes) sparring.24.5x7x72.jpg (48389 bytes) mom-2largecubs.5x7x72.jpg (35967 bytes) mom-2smallsleepycubs.5x7x72.jpg (49780 bytes)
Bears Sparring More Sparring Mom & 2 Cubs Mom & 2 Cubs
fox.5x7x72.jpg (41829 bytes) muskrat.LlanoSeco.KI8Q1370.jpg (151091 bytes)
Arctic Fox on Kelp Arctic Fox on Snow Muskrat Grey Fox
bow-wave-3.5x7x72.jpg (32594 bytes) sealions-one.closeup.opt.CRW_1637.jpg (142169 bytes)
Dolphins Humpback Flukes Gray Whale Sea Lions & Harbor Seals; Elkhorn
otter-praying.opt-crop.KI8Q9659.jpg (129944 bytes)      
Sea Otters, Elkhorn Slough      
standing-cub.small.1071.jpg (141546 bytes) Lots of Katmai Bears
Brown Bear Family Standing  Cub

Brown Bears

ElephantSeals.male+fems+pups.KI8Q0741.jpg (120592 bytes) seal-smiling.KI8Q7740 copy.jpg (95759 bytes) HarrisAntelopeGroundSquirrel.0018.jpg (181364 bytes)
Tule Elk Elephant Seals Harbor Seals Squirrels


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