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Other Flowers (with or without poppies)

While poppies (and lupine) are the dominant players in our Marin County spring, there are a few other flowers. A number of them at Point Reyes Chimney Rock area are shown HERE. A few more were found at Stafford Lake and out on Hicks Road. Please scroll down.

English daisies at Stafford Lake

Above, a lawn full of English daisies at Stafford Lake Park. Below, a close up of a few.

English daisies

Below, some checkerbloom (aka checker mallow), with poppies.

Checkerbloom and poppies

Below, a flower I had never seen before called Brass Buttons (Cotula coronopifolia). This water-loving plant was carpeting the shore of the Las Gallinas Sanitary Ponds where I usually find ducks and geese. Not many birds on this day, but lots of brass buttons!

Brass buttons, wide

And a closer look (100 percent crop from the above image):

Brass buttons, closer


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