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    This page cross-references images of wildflowers taken in many different locations. The thumbnails below take you to the specific flower pages; you may have to scan those pages or use the "Back" button at the bottom of the page to determine the location of the flower of interest.

    I'm not a wildflower expert, much less a botanist, so the flowers are arranged by color.

    You will find some unidentified (and possibly some misidentified) flowers in these pages. Any assistance in identifying them will be greatly appreciated! You can e-mail me at  bkatzung@astronomy-images.com . Thank you!

White and pink

PalmerPenstemon.EastExit.Zion.6000.jpg (121069 bytes) YuccaCloseup.Zion.5725.jpg (109376 bytes) TuftedEveningPrimrose.EastExit.Zion.6001.jpg (104497 bytes) PaleEveningPrimrose.EastExit.Zion.6005.jpg (114521 bytes) Datura.stramonium.RedRockCanyon.5350.jpg (151314 bytes)
Palmer Penstemon Yucca Tufted Evening Primrose Pale Evening primrose Datura
ApachePlume.closeup.RedRockCanyon.5439.jpg (125790 bytes) Johnny Tuck ManzanitaBlossoms.Bryce.6230.jpg (152501 bytes) Wild cucumber Pussy ears
Apache Plume Johnnytuck Manzanita Blossoms Wild Cucumber Pussy Ears



GoldenColumbine.Zion.600px.5719.jpg (157436 bytes) PrincesPlume.Zion.5645.jpg (138178 bytes) YellowFlower.RedCanyon.6122.jpg (118156 bytes) goldfields above cliffs.4886.jpg (132058 bytes) YellowFlower.ValleyFire.5521.jpg (121875 bytes)
Golden Columbine Prince's Plume

A Yellow Flower


Coastal Goldfields A Yellow Flower - 2
ggoldnugget.68mm.veryclose.KI8Q5251.jpg (162188 bytes) ArrowleafBalsamroot.Bryce.6344.jpg (120767 bytes) ShowyStoneseed.Bryce.6178.jpg (144149 bytes) OregonBerry.Bryce.film.jpg (145618 bytes) poppies.150.jpg (133375 bytes)
Gold Nugget Arrowleaf Balsamroot Showy Stoneseed Oregon Grape California Poppies
Footsteps of Spring Brass buttons Crown Daisy   Hayfield Tarweed
Footsteps of Spring Brass Buttons Crown Daisy   Hayfield Tarweed


Red and Orange

Globemallow.Zion.5731.jpg (161650 bytes) CardinalMonkeyflowerMimulusCardinalis.Zion.5696.jpg (157688 bytes) poppies.150.jpg (133375 bytes) paintbrush.4909.jpg (115708 bytes) red poker cactus.2672.jpg (199960 bytes)
Globemallow Cardinal Monkeyflower California Poppies Paintbrush Red Poker Cactus


Blue or Purple

lupine.4863.jpg (141981 bytes) what-is-it.flower.purple.4865.jpg (108188 bytes) GiantFourOClocks.RedRockCanyon.5442.jpg (140822 bytes) Spiderwort.EastExit.Zion.6006.jpg (111323 bytes) Blue-gold.Flower.Parus.Zion.jpg (119299 bytes)
Lupine Blue-eyed Grass Giant Four O'Clocks Spiderwort (scroll) A Zion Flower
GreatBladderyMilkvetch.Bryce.6326.jpg (180810 bytes)   birdseyegilia.70mm.crop-port..nice.KI8Q3541.jpg (104429 bytes)
Bluedicks Bladdery Milkvetch   Wild Iris Birds-eye Gilia
  clarkia.veryclose.48mm+500d+closecrop.KI8Q5222.jpg (124256 bytes) Checkerbloom morning-glories.red+blue.crop.8311.jpg (146080 bytes)  
  Clarkia Checkerbloom Morning Glories  


Mixed colors

ZionShootingStar.closeup.5656.jpg (120141 bytes)        
Zion Shooting Star        



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