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M22  (NGC 6656),  Globular  Cluster 

in  Sagittarius

    M22 is a small but very bright globular cluster located just above the "teapot" of Sagittarius. It was one of the first globular clusters to be discovered (1665 or even earlier) and is located about 10,000 light years from Earth, one of the closest globulars. With a luminosity of 210,000 stars and visual magnitude of 5.1, it is one of the most easily visualized globulars in the northern sky.

Date  2001-06-18
Scope  Astro-Physics 130 EDF at f6  on A-P 1200GTO mount; ST-4 guiding       
Exposure  Two, on unhypered Supra 400, one 20 min, one 30 min, both with IDAS filter     
Processing   Stacked in RegiStar, stretched in PhotoShop