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M 106  (NGC 4258),  In  Canes   Venatici

     M106 is a spiral galaxy in the northern sky approximately 35 million light years distant. It measures 19 x 7 arcminutes in size and 9.3 magnitude in brightness.  This CCD image was made on a night of the full moon (resulting in severe gradients)  from Sonoma County, California.

Date  2005-04-21

RCOS 12.5 inch RC at f6 on A-P 1200GTO mount; ST-4 guiding

 SBIG ST-10XME CCD camera with CFW-8a color wheel controlled with MaxIm DL/CCD v4.10           

Exposure  L=21x300 sec, R=10x300 sec, G=11x300 sec, B=12x300 sec, all unbinned      

 Calibrated and assembled in MaxIm, stretched and unsharp masked in PhotoShop. High-pass filtered in Photoshop  

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