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M33 (NGC 598), The Pinwheel Galaxy, 

in Triangulum

CCD September 2004:


  2004-09-12, 14


 Astro-Physics 130 f6 EDF on AP 1200GTO mount, guiding with internal guide chip.

 Camera: SBIG ST-10XME with CFW 8a filter wheel and Astrodon filters. 


 Eighteen 5 minute C, R, G, and B frames. 


 Calibrated and combined in MaxIm 4; final processing in PhotoShop CS.


Film September - October 2000:

M33, a beautiful but low surface brightness face-on spiral galaxy, is about the same distance from the Milky Way as M31 (2.5-3.0 Mly) and only about 500,000 ly from M31. It must be a fantastic sight from M31! A newer CCD image can be seen here.


 00-09-29 (2), 00-10-22, 00-10-23


 Astro-Physics 130 f6 EDF on G11 mount, guiding with ST-4 


 4 total: EliteChrome 200 61 min f6 no filter; EC200 76 min f4.5 + Tokai filter; 

  E200  90 min f4.5 + Tokai; E200 90 min f6 + Tokai


 Stacked and combined all 4 in RegiStar, stretched in PhotoShop, red halation  around brightest stars retouched in Photoshop.