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M 64  (ngc 4826)  In  Coma  Berenices

   M 64, the Black Eye Galaxy, is part of a galaxy group that includes M 94 in Canes Venatici. The group is said to be approximately 24,000 ly distant. M 64 measures 9 x 5 arcmin and its magnitude is 8.5 on the visual scale. It is a spiral SB galaxy. North is to the left in this image.


 2003 June 22, 24


 12.5 inch RCOS Ritchey-Chretien f/9 on an AP 900GTO mount, guided with an ST-4 on 

 a guidescope.   Camera: SBIG ST-10MXE and CFW color wheel, controlled with MaxIm


 R 5 x 5 min, G 5 x 5 min, and B 8 x 5 min exposures. Luminance 11 x 5 min with clear filter.


 Frames calibrated and RGB combined in MaxIm. Final processing with Levels and Curves in