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M81-82 (NGC 3031-3034),  in  Ursa  Major

Another set of small galaxies (like M51) requiring considerable enlargement. M81 and M82 are in a separate group of galaxies (not the "local group") called the "M81 group." This group is about 10-12 million light years away. M81 (NGC 3031), the large, fine spiral in this image, has an estimated  diameter of 70,000 light years. M82, (NGC 3034) is the cigar-shaped galaxy at the top and has a diameter of about 35,000 light years. The small galaxy in the lower left corner is NGC 3077 and is classified as a peculiar galaxy. A higher resolution CCD image of M81 may be seen here.


 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 f6 with 2x Barlow on G-11 mount, ST-4 guiding            
 Exposure  2 at 60 min each
 Processing   Stacked in RegiStar, stretched in PhotoShop