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NGC 3953,  a  spiral galaxy  in  ursa  major

   NGC 3953 is a spiral galaxy of type SBb (barred). Its apparent diameter is 6.6 arcmin and the brightness is 10.1 magnitude. The color data for this image is apparently offset in some way, resulting in the rainbow effect across the bar.


 2003 June 15, 16


 RCOS Ritchey-Chretien at f/9 on AP 900GTO mount, guided with ST-4 on a guidescope. 

 Camera: SBIG ST-10MXE and CFW color wheel, controlled with MaxIm


 R, G, and B exposures 5 x 5 min. 


 Frames calibrated and RGB combined in MaxIm.  Final processing with Levels and 

 Curves in Photoshop.