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NGC  7331  and  The  Deer  Lick  Group,  

in  Pegasus

   The large spiral galaxy is NGC 7331 and the smaller one above and to the left is NGC 7337, the one above and slightly to the right is NGC 7335. Just to the right of 7335 is NGC 7336. 7331 measures about 11 x 4 arcmin. I have no idea why the groups is called "the deer lick group."  North is to the right in this image.


 2003 August 24


 12.5 inch RCOS Ritchey-Chretien at f/4.5 (native f/9 x 0.75 x 0.67 A-P reducers) 

 on an A-P 1200GTO mount.   Camera: SBIG ST-10MXE and CFW-8a color wheel, 

 controlled with MaxIm


 30 minutes each L, R, G, and B exposures. 


 Frames calibrated and RGB combined in MaxIm.  Luminance DDP processed in MaxIm, then 

 combined with the RGB  in Photoshop and final processing with Levels and Curves.

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