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B33,  The  Horsehead  Nebula  in  Orion

   The Horsehead is a striking dark nebula located just below the belt of Orion. Photography of this nebula, especially with film, is a major challenge! It is very small (about 4x6 minutes) and too faint to see visually in my scopes.   The reddish background emission nebula against which the Horse is silhouetted is IC 434. You can see a comparison of this image with an earlier version of the processing at Horsehead-ccd.

 Date  2002-Feb-09

 Astro-Physics 130 f6 EDF on A-P 1200GTO mount; guiding with SBIG ST-4 guider on a separate 

  guidescope.  Meade 416 XTE camera and 616 filter wheel with IR-blocking filters.    

 Exposure  L: 4x5min; R: 3x5min; G: 3x5min; B: 3x7.5min (total 72.5 minutes)

 Colors registered and combined in and AIP4Win; RGB for the LRGB image combined in MaxIm.           

 L combined with RGB in Photoshop. Stretched (with Curves) in Photoshop.