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Double  Cluster  in  Perseus

The Double Cluster in Perseus is one of the most famous pairings of open clusters. Open clusters are common, but double open clusters are not. This one is justly famous and looks even better through binoculars than through the scope. 

September 2004 CCD image:




 Astro-Physics 130 EDF f/4 on 1200 GTO mount; ST-10XME camera using the     

   internal guide chip.                              


 25 - 1 min frames each RGB, 1x1 binning


 Calibrated and combined in MaxIm, final processing in Photoshop CS.                


Older film image:

 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 EDF f6 on G-11 mount; ST-4 guiding                                  
 Exposure  Kodak LE400, 2 at 60 min each
 Processing   Stacked in RegiStar, stretched in PhotoShop                

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