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IC1396, in Cepheus

IC1396 is a very large emission nebula in Cepheus. It's about 135 x 165 arcminutes  (too large, in fact, to fit on a 35 mm frame at 585 mm focal length). This single shot was obtained on a very windy night with poor alignment and tracking, as evidenced by the oval stars in the upper corners of the image. This is definitely not a keeper but a place-holder until I can photograph it under better conditions and more carefully.  A more recent CCD image in hydrogen alpha light can be seen here. A still more recent CCD RRGB image can be seen here.




 Astro-Physics 130 EDF on G-11 mount 


 E200, 90 min exposure @f4.5


 Adjusted in PhotoShop, smoothed with bigsmooth