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M27 (NGC 6853), The DumBbell Nebula, in Vulpecula

     The planetary nebula M27 is another one of those traditional objects for practicing one's astrophotography techniques. It's relatively large for a planetary (8'x5')  and bright. Burnham places it at roughly 900 lightyears away, more recent data indicate a distance of 1250 ly. It will be interesting to photograph this again with a longer focal length. This stacked image, at 1560 mm focal length, had to be considerably enlarged. The grain is visible and some distortion remains obvious even after cropping. A much superior CCD image can be seen here.

 Date   8 September 2000
 Scope   Astro-Physics 130 at f12 on G-11 mount; ST-4 guiding
 Exposure   Unhypered Supra 400, 2 shots @30 min, no filters                            
 Processing     Stacked in RegiStar, stretched in PhotoShop    

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