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NGC  7023,  The  Iris  Nebula,

In Cepheus

    The Iris Nebula is a reflection nebula, shining by the light it reflects from the bright star in its middle. Because of the scattering effect (which also makes our sky blue), we receive primarily blue light from this object.


 2004-06-22 (RGB) and 2004-07-04 (clear)


 Astro-Physics 130 EDF, f6, on A-P GTO 1200 mount. Separate guidescope

  with ST-4 guider.


 LRGB: Twenty-one 5-minute exposures with a clear filter, plus six 5-minute exposures with each of 

  R, G, and B filters. Total exposure 195 minutes. This is a 50% crop of the full frame image.


 Calibrated, combined, gradients removed, and RGB color combined in MaxIm 4.0. L and RGB aligned 

  in RegiStar. L and RGB adjusted and combined in Photoshop CS.



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