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NGC 1977,  The  Running  Man  Nebula,

  In Orion

    NGC 1977, the Running Man nebula is a reflection nebula, unlike its better known neighbor, the Great Orion Nebula (M42), which shines largely by emitted fluorescent radiation given off by excited atoms. NGC 1977 is also much dimmer than its big neighbor.  My latest attempt at M42 can be seen HERE

 Date  2003-01-05

 Astro-Physics 130 EDFs refractor at f/6  with ST-10XME CCD camera at -15 C on the 

  A-P 1200 GTO  mount.   Guided with the internal ST-10 guide chip.         


 5 x 5 min each with 1x1 binning with regular R, G, and B SBIG filters in SBIG CFW-8 filter



 Raw frames debloomed with Wodaski's Debloomer plug-in. Stacked and RGB combined in MaxIm 3.08 

  with R=1.2, G=1.0, B=1.65 weighting. Stretched with levels and curves in  PhotoShop  7.0.    


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