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Rosette  Nebula,  NGC 2237-2244,  in  Monoceros

    The Rosette Nebula is another beautiful nebula that emits light generated by the activating radiation from stars. It lies approximately 5500 lightyears from us. This Rosette is a big improvement over my previous one (December, 2000): much better centering made for a satisfying composition. Being picky, however, I still have a ways to go: very grainy negatives (perhaps because this film was several years old, even though refrigerated) and distinctly oval stars in the corners. The picture was made with both the 0.75 reducer and the field flattener on the A-P refractor, and this combination is apparently incorrect (posting by Roland Christen on the AP user group). Perhaps the incorrect optical train caused the distortion. Click here for the full  resolution image (1.1 MB file). (North is down in this image.)

 Date  2001 January 14
 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 EDF f4.5 with field flattener on G-11 mount   
 Exposure  Kodak PPF-2, 1 @ 60 min; 1 @ 55 min, both with Tokai filter 
 Processing   Registered in RegiStar, stacked and stretched in PhotoShop