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Mars  in  Sagittarius,  May 2001

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    The summer of 2001 provided one of the finest opportunities for viewing Mars in many years. In this image the planet is located just above the spout of the famous teapot in the midst of one of the richest collections of nebulas and star clusters in the entire Milky Way (see labeled image). The wind was quite strong  but seeing was reasonably good when this image was taken.

 Date  28 May 2001

 Nikormat with 55 mm MicroNikkor; piggy-back on scope on A-P    

   900GTO mount   

 Exposure  One 30 min @ f3.5 on EliteChrome200 film, Lumicon DeepSky filter    
 Processing    Levels, color balance, and unsharp mask in Photoshop