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Veil  Complex,  Widefield 

(Ngc 6960, NGC 6992-95, Pickering's Triangle)

L=Ha, R=Ha+R, G, B Version  

Click here for Ha Version   

The Veil nebula complex is one of the features of the constellation Cygnus. It is another supernova remnant, consisting of gases blown off by an exploding star. Its huge size indicates that the explosion occurred long ago. North is straight up in this image. 

  Date   2003-07-21

  Nikkor 180 mm f/2.8 ED lens at f/2.8, piggybacked on an A-P 1200GTO mount.

  Camera: SBIG ST-10XME with CFW-8A color wheel.  MaxIm CCD 

   camera control. Guiding was via an ST-4 on a separate guidescope.


  Ha 3 nm Custom Scientific filter; 12 x ten minutes for 120 minutes total; 

  RGB 10 x 5 minutes each 2x2 binning.


  Frames were calibrated with darks and flats, hot pixels removed, and gradients 

  corrected in MaxIm DL. The frames were then registered and combined in Mira.

  Two iterations of Richardson-Lucy deconvolution were applied to the Ha master in

  CCDSharp. Levels and  curves were then applied in Photoshop v7 followed by mild

  unsharp masking.  The R master was composited by averaging the Ha and red filtered

  masters (equal weighting) and then combined with the green and blue masters in

  MaxIm.  An RGB version  was created in MaxIm with Color Combine. The final

  LRGB was created in Photoshop.


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