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Comet  Ikeya-Zhang  Meets  M 13

In  Hercules

    Ikeya-Zhang has been a fast-moving comet and since beginning its journey through northern skies in the western, sunset sky, has now become an late-night and early morning comet. After passing close to the galaxies M31 and M33, it approached the great globular cluster in Hercules, M13, during the week of May 13. As it moves away from the sun, its tail becomes shorter.  While a faint ion tail can be just barely seen in this image, it is much smaller than the dust tail that was obvious one and two months  ago. North is to the upper left.

 Date  15 May 2002; approximately 10:30 PM PDT
 Scope  Astro-Physics 130 f4.5 on Astro-Physics GTO1200 mount. Guided with ST-4 on a star.    
 Exposure  EliteChrome 200, 1 @ 5 min, no filter
 Processing   Sharpened and stretched in PhotoShop


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