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Monte's   IC 4628

This processing challenge by Monte Wilson was a pleasure to work with. I downloaded the full tif file with the expectation of doing a lot of processing on it. Turns out, I was happy with a very small amount of processing. Using Photoshop Levels, I clipped a small foot off each color channel so that the histogram for each started with a smoothly rising curve. This brought up the bright HII emission nebula nicely. Then I used Curves to reduce the midpoint of the Red layer, checking the R, G, and B info in the data window until the red values were approximately the same as the green and blue in the darkest background areas. I tried selecting and selectively brightening the large, dim, looping red emission area to the left of the bright nebula but I didn't like the result. I like the image the way it is now and it is quite similar (though with a wider field) to two images I found of IC 4628 (Axel Mellinger and Jim Janusz) using Google/Images. I assume one of the two star clusters is Trumpler 24, but I'm not sure which.