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November 2010

Northern Harrier  
Northern Harrier, Pierce Point Road  

October 2010

Sleepy Hollow Farm
Vermont 2010 (Fall color)

September 2010

Birdwatching at McNear's Brick Yard
Birds and Bricks - San Rafael, CA


May 2010

Mines Road - Livermore, CA

April 2010

California Poppy            Yellow Bush lupine  Thumbnail
California Poppy and other flowers     China Camp Wildflowers  Fractalius-modified Images

March 2010

Point Bonita Wildflowers
Point Bonita, Rodeo Beach Wildflowers, etc, at Point Reyes

February 2010

Squirrel at our window
Marin Wildlife

 January 2010

Wild Turkey
A Walk in the Neighborhood

 December 2009

Las Gallinas Birds With a 7D
Las Gallinas with the Canon 7D


November 2009

coyote-alert._I8Q1368.jpg (199091 bytes)
Coyote at Las Gallinas


October 2009

Las Gallinas October 2009


September 2009

m31-RGB.2009.jpg (172114 bytes)

This is the first astrophotograph I have put on the website in almost two years, and a 

surprisingly successful test of the equipment (SBIG ST-10XME camera on the A-P 130 

EDF scope on the 1200 GTO mount in the Sonoma observatory). I have put it at the top 

of the old M31 page for comparison with my old film versions of the galaxy. 

Click on the thumbnail at left to go to that page.

M31, the Andromeda Galaxy  

January 2009

bcnh.flight.KI8Q3356.opt.jpg (174846 bytes) coyote.KI8Q3179.opt.jpg (217480 bytes) bufflehead.fem.KI8Q3398.opt.jpg (118278 bytes) c-geese-inwater.sidelit.KI8Q3605.opt.jpg (165167 bytes)
Coyote, Black-crowned Night Herons, Ducks, Geese, Other


August 2008

hummer.blk-chin.goog-gorget.miller.crop.KI8Q2237.jpg (121705 bytes)  butterfly.yellow-blk.onthistle.millercanyon.CRW_2071.jpg (112937 bytes)  lizards-ear.crop.CRW_2058.jpg (253285 bytes)  deer-headdown.ramsey.CRW_2170.jpg (180583 bytes)    
Southeastern Arizona: hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards, and more


June 2008

balloons-3.offground.flameup.KI8Q1591.jpg (179282 bytes)
Sonoma County Balloon Festival


March 2008

SF-in-mist+baybridge.wide.mt-tam.KI8Q1115.jpg (135399 bytes)  mossyrocks+trees.cataracttrail.mt-tam.KI8Q1136.jpg (205239 bytes)  fungus-on-wood.closeup.cataracttrail.mt-tam.KI8Q1152.jpg (198238 bytes)
Mount Tamalpais, March 2008. San Francisco vista, mossy rock, fungus
mustard-in-vineyard.alexandervly.crop-vertical-opt.KI8Q1064.jpg (252484 bytes) turkeydisplay-front-good.pineflatrd.opt-crop.KI8Q1073.jpg (213326 bytes) alex.vly.vista.pineflatrd.opt-skymultiply.KI8Q1086.jpg (181727 bytes)  sunset-skyhouse.opt.KI8Q1063.jpg (113836 bytes) lupine-close.pineflatrd.KI8Q1101.jpg (118962 bytes)
Sonoma County Alexander Valley Pine Flat Road Wild Turkeys Lupine Mustard in vineyard Sunset 


December, 2007

GGB-Panorama-auto-1.opt.jpg (179691 bytes)
Golden Gate Bridge, December 2007


November, 2007

holmes-f4.5-XX-RGB.starmatch-psadj-outerhalo8bit.jpg (67549 bytes)
Elkhorn Slough, 2007 Comet Holmes, 17P


September, 2007

Elk-2.inmist.KI8Q7884.jpg (111604 bytes)   elk-lgbull-headturned-bugling.opt-crop.KI8Q8622.jpg (202590 bytes) gadwall-eclipseplumage.100pctcrop.KI8Q8739.jpg (156750 bytes)
Point Reyes, September 2007 Point Reyes in Sun, September 2007 Birds of Marin County


August, 2007

Leonid2002.592px.jpg (73597 bytes) seal-smiling.KI8Q7740 copy.jpg (95759 bytes)
Meteors past & present Bolinas Lagoon


June, 2007

m16-LRGB.070612.jpg (128313 bytes) commontern.070606.KI8Q6401.jpg (101653 bytes)
Astro: M16, M20, M101, Star Trails Birds of Palo Alto, June 2007

May, 2007

swallow-mud-on-beak-at-nest.KI8Q5716.jpg (178488 bytes)
Las Gallinas Swallows and Other Birds

March-April, 2007

Oregon in Spring

February 2007

elcap+cathedralrocks+river.valleyview.snowonground.24mm.better.KI8Q3419.jpg (141364 bytes)
Yosemite in Winter


January 2007

comet-mcnaught.KI8Q2145-53.jpg (127347 bytes)

Point Reyes in January 2007

(Elk, Elephant Seals, Seascapes, Deer, Vultures)

Comet McNaught C/2006 P1


December 2006

GGBridge+chainfence+FortPt.25mm.dawnlight.psadj.KI8Q1634.jpg (143736 bytes)

ferrybldg-embarcadero.0.5sec5.6f70mm.crop.KI8Q1883.jpg (165546 bytes)

New Images, Golden Gate Bridge 

SF Embarcadero, Bay Bridge

October 2006

deathvalley.zab-pt-north.KI8Q0105.jpg (171034 bytes)

Sierra Aspens, Alabama Hills, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley

April 2006

Butterfly Exhibit, Golden Gate Park

February 2006

upperfalls+bitofsun-64mm.KI8Q8952.jpg (154356 bytes)

Cataract Falls, Marin County