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Herm Perez's Sadr Region

Top: As downloaded from Herm's site (a jpeg file); bottom: after minor adjustments in Photoshop.

Above: Unmodified jpeg from Herm's site. The background looks too red-brown to me.

Below: Modified in Photoshop. First I selected the halo around Sadr, feathered it, and reduced the brightness and contrast slightly to reduce the bright spokes in the halo. (I didn't want to desaturate the star and spider diffraction spikes, so there's not much effect.) Next I used the shadows eyedropper in Levels to select a region between stars to darken the background without shifting the color balance. I then brought up the contrast with Curves, putting a bit of S-shape into the RGB curve. Finally, I used Color Balance to move the red toward cyan slightly. I guess I just like a bluer background.

A nice image, however you modify it!