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How to purchase a print of one of the images on this web site


You can purchase a signed, high-quality print of almost any of the images on this site. These are inkjet prints that are indistinguishable from an old-fashioned photographic print and have an estimated life time before fading (if kept under glass and out of direct sunlight) of 40 to 100 years (i.e., as long or longer than the average color photo print). Any prints that do show significant fading or deterioration will be replaced free of charge. Prints do not have a copyright notice in the image but on the back of the print instead.

To ensure maximum quality, not all images are available in the 13x19 and larger sizes.

Standard sizes (in inches, including margins, unmounted) and prices for a high-resolution archival-quality inkjet print are as shown below. Black and white prints can be made for the same price but note that  most will not look as dramatic as the color images shown in the galleries.

Size Price, US $ (shipping not included)
6 x 8 25
8.5 x 11 60
11x14 125
13x19 250
Larger sizes Please email me directly at the "mailto" address below


Please contact me by e-mail for more information


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